Memories of Alison – John Kelly, March 15, 2016

alison smilingI am caught today in a whirlwind of emotions and memories over the death of my mother, Alison Carr (Kelly). Alison passed away Sunday night after a struggle with pulmonary illness that became acute just under two weeks ago.

I find myself reflecting on the many aspects of a life lived like a restless lioness: regal, iconoclastic and inquisitive.

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Memory Carol Carr

Alison and I were childhood friends and schoolmates at Huntingdon Academy. After graduation in 1947 we both enrolled in the BSc.(H.Ec) program at Macdonald College of McGill. Unfortunately in our second year Alison became very ill with pleurisy and had to leave college to recuperate.
In high school we were part of a group of friends who published a school paper. The principal referred to us as “the Tattler clique” Alison and I had planned to attend Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 but her brother Joe and I decided to get married in September so I didn’t go but she did and had a great time. I believe she accompanied the local Girl Guides to London.
Our paths diverged after marriage and children but we did keep in touch with visits while she lived in various locations and Joe and I were settled in Deep River ON. In recent years phone calls had to suffice. Unfortunately I was not able to visit her while she was living at the Synphony residence.
My sincere sympathy to her sons Peter and John and their families.

Memory – Marilyn Carr

Hi Peter,

I remember you picking me up in Halifax to go for dinner with Alison when she lived there and I was on business with Imperial Oil. We had a wonderful time. I have many other memories of her hospitality in Toronto (I think you were there for Easter dinner in 1983?). Looking forward to reconnecting in Huntingdon as Harold (my husband) and I will both be there.

Condolences – Jennifer Matthews

Mrs. Kelly, I have such great memories chatting with you when I worked at Symphony,you were a woman of wisdom and knowledge, yet you were a firecracker! If you had something to say, you’d say it, not being rude, just direct. I admired that about you.

When I got into work one morning and saw you in the hospital bed in front of my desk, I was shocked and saddened, but I would go in and talk to you, even if you couldnt hear me, just to say hi.

Rest in peace and my condolences to the Carr and Kelly families.

Condolences Alan and Brenda Hutchinson

Dear Peter
My condolances on the passing of your Mother. I fondly remember at the lake when I arrived with my young wife and children and she went out of her way to make sure that we were being looked after and comfortable in the cabin.

Your words above I think give a good idea at how active a life she lead. It was most unfortunate towards the end she had seroius health issues.

My Best Wishes to You
Alan Hutchison