alison Born: August 10, 1930; Deceased: March 14, 2016

This is my Mother Alison. This picture was taken when I was quite young. She was born in 1930 in Huntingdon County Québec. Although she may have made light of it, she lived a rich life. She was in London for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and visited Maoist China at the dawn of its opening to the west. She stayed in the Grand Hotel in (then) Peking. The only guest on her floor, she traded reading english lessons into a giant Russian reel to reel tape recorder for hot water for her bath. Aside from Huntingdon the town of her birth, she lived in Hong Kong; Toronto; Halifax; Saint John, NB; Timmons and Brockville, Ont. She raised two sons in Pointe-Claire and for many years ran an antiques store on the shores of the Saint Lawrence in Maitland Ontario. She faced adversities but always forged ahead. After a stroke left her cognitively impaired she spent time in a home for Alzheimers patients. Slowly she recovered and within a year she arranged on her own a move to the Symphony Residence where she has been living autonomously for the past few years. This past winter was hard. In early March she was admitted to hospital with Pneumonia. Combined with damage to her lungs from pulmonary disease her illness proved to be too difficult a hurdle to overcome. She passed away on her own terms on Sunday March 13. One of her most persistent memories was as a young child picking berries alone and free in the wild fields and woods of the family farm. It was a special time and place for her. I will forever imagine her there.

Peter Kelly, March 14, 2016

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